Why catamarans have trampolines

Photo by Jess Vide from Pexels

There are several reasons why trampolines are the right choice in catamaran design: It is lightweight, give little resistance to wind and water, is comfortable, and much more. Read the entire list later in this article.

Different functions of a trampoline

There are different types of catamarans, and the trampoline will have different functions depending on which type of vessel it is mounted on.

On a day cruiser racing type of catamaran, the trampoline is the platform on which you sit on.

On a livable catamaran, it is typically only the front of the catamaran, that has a trampoline.
I have never seen a power catamaran with a trampoline.

Racing type daycruiser catamaran

The above video shows a modern type of racing catamaran with foils. This type of day cruiser was invented in the 70ies and mass-produced in the form of the Hobie Cat.

List of reasons why catamarans have trampolines:

  • Lightweight material
  • Drains immediately
  • Low wind resistance
  • Expands the deck area
  • Comfortable living space
  • Aesthetics

Lightweight material

Catamarans are built as lightweight as possible to maximize performance. The trampoline is made of mesh that weighs almost nothing compared to solid materials, so it is an excellent way to spare some weight.

Drains immediately

The nose on a boat is always very exposed to seawater, which often comes in over the boat. When most of the front consists of a net, the water will automatically drain off.

Low wind resistance

Another great feature of the mesh is, that it has almost no wind resistance. This will affect the speed of the boat.

Expands the deck area

Catamarans are built from two hulls with each their deck area. So the trampoline gives a lot more usable space in the front of the boat, without harming the boat’s performance.

Comfortable living space

A trampoline is a part of the living space on a catamaran, on which you can sit, lounge, or lay down comfortably.
It works a little like a hammock and supports the body very well when the boat moves up and down with the waves.

What are trampolines for catamarans made of?

The mesh is either knitted or knotted from polyester, polypropylene, or polyamide line. In some cases, Dyneema is used to make it extra strong.

You can also find vinyl-type trampolines for small day cruiser-type racing catamarans, but this material is not permeable for wind and water.

Watch different mesh types and their temperatures here

Are catamaran trampolines safe?

All types of mesh for trampolines are very safe, but the securing of the net is often the weakest point. It will increase the safety in many cases, if every ring in the trampoline were tied individually, instead of threaded on with one single line.

How trampolines are installed

How trampolines are installed on a boat depends on the boat model. You will get an idea by watching the below videos.

Can you install a new trampoline yourself?

Yes, you can install a new trampoline yourself. In this video Sailing Unwritten Timeline renew the trampolines aboard their 2003 Antares catamaran

Here is a very thorough guide on how to sew a trampoline yourself.

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