How to find used Swedish boats, get them cheap GUIDE

The right place to find used boats is the Swedish answer on eBay, namely Blocket.

Here is a link directly to the boat ads on Blocket, but feel free to stay with me and read how to get the most out of the website. is a huge Swedish online market, with pretty much everything the heart can desire. Both retailers and private individuals uploads goods, and with a few exceptions, their boats are cheap – very cheap.

Why recommend Blocket?

Hundreds of boats are put up for sale on Blocket every single day. To find your new boat, it is, therefore, good to look the ads through often, not to be overwhelmed by the gigantic number. A number of sellers have seen the light and posted their ads every day.

At the time of writing, there are around 10,000 boats for sale on the site!

Create a user profile

The only real downside to Blocket is that you have to create an account to be able to write to the seller. However, this is not difficult or time-consuming, and one does not get spammed with news or push notifications without wanting to.

Too few pictures in the ads

Blocket only allows 6 images on each ad, which is not much in boat sales. This is pretty much all sellers aware of, and therefore ready with pictures and additional information about the boat if you ask for it. The messaging system allows communication with images, and you will easily be able to receive more pictures this way.

The images can not be zoomed, but try pressing Ctrl and + at the same time, then they will be enlarged (on a Windows PC).

Language problems? – No problem!

If you are not familiar with Swedish, you can use a plugin in your browser, which translates the text into your own language. Swedes usually know English and you can write to the seller in English.

If you use the Chrome browser, the translate function is built-in. Just below X where you close the program, you can tap the three dots and select options. Here you press “advanced” at the bottom and can now see the menu “language” and turn on translation for Swedish.

Sweden is not a nation of recyclers

A fun difference between Denmark and Sweden that I have experienced since I was a child is: In Sweden, recycling is not customary to the same extent as in Denmark. “Loppis” (flee marked) was the step before garbage and not at all as widespread as in Denmark when I, as a child, sailed around the Swedish waters and visited pretty much every port in

Southern Sweden. When one finally found a place that sold second-hand goods, the goods were almost always close to free.

I have always been very financially and environmentally conscious, so from my pure youth, I have moved accustomed to cheap second-hand shops.

During my teenage years, I had a friend who lived in Sweden, and I visited her often. During my visits, I got to buy pretty much everything I was missing from clothes and gadgets because it was just really a lot cheaper in Sweeden.

Why is it cheap in Sweden?

In Denmark, there is hardly a spot with a harbor that does not also offer local flea markets, often in the form of a table with neat rags, and believe me, people get it sold to tourists who want to support the local community. But in Sweden, it has never really been reputable to use used stuff.

Swedes are generally a little more polished than Danes (especially in the cities), in my opinion, and would never go out the door in sweatpants and with straight hair, like many of us slightly lazier Danes. So there are not that many Swedes who buy used, which probably explains most of the price difference.

Tips for exchanging money

Revolut – The cheapest way I know to change money is to use the Revolut app.
If you change on weekdays, the fee is 0.02%

Video guide on how to create an account

This video shows you how to create an account and search for homes, use it as a guide to creating a user account so you can contact sellers.

You do not need an account to view the boats

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